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I just finished up a sort of halfway redesign of the website  Shelly was not happy with the inner pages of her website as they were a little blah to her but was happy with the homepage.  So, we decided to spare her the cost and time of a whole new re-design and just kept the nice header and footer on her website and redesigned all the inner pages of her website with nicer background graphics, darker font lettering and text to match the rest of the site.  The online store is especially more organized.  Prior, she just had a list of all her products on one page, not categorized.  We decided to make nice graphics of the four categories of meditations, bookings, donations and events that lead to each page with just those products, making it easier for people to find what they might be looking for. 

Check out her pages.  Shelly is located near the Atlanta area but works with people all over the United States by phone and Skype.  Each week she channels a message from the Goddess of Creation which can be found on her website and YouTube channel. 


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