It turns out in August of last year, Google rolled out another change to how websites are ranked in that if your website has any pop ups, it will be ranked lower, in mobile search. People use their phones and tablets all the time to search on the web so this an update to take notice of.  (BTW, I know I am six months late with the news but better late than never.)  

I have to agree.  Even while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed a post from a friend complaining about the intrusive pop up on the restaurant she was thinking about going to for brunch, but said she was so frustrated by the pop up that was asking for her email address before she could look at the menu, she left.  As a web designer, I do not recommend using them for that very reason.  You want your website visitors to be able to go to your site and find what they need, easily and quickly with nothing obstructing the view and also nothing to annoy them so much they leave in frustration.  Well, now you know, not only are those pop ups annoying, you will also get penalized with a lower ranking in Google, leading to less customers, so get rid of the pop-ups. 

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