How to Design a Logo

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How do you get ideas for your new logo?  For me, I use the research and thumbnails technique. After getting an idea of what the client had in mind via colors and shape, I do a bit of research online. Then I go straight to paper and ink.  Yep, even in this digital age I still go about designing a logo the old fashioned way. I think if you go straight to the computer you just end up restricting yourself because you will be also thinking about how to carry it out technically in your illustration program. I normally do three concepts to choose from and when the client chooses a concept, I work it up in Adobe Illustrator, with colors, fonts, and texture.  

I just finished a new logo for a Tiny Homes company in Swananoa, North Carolina.  Here is the rough concept he chose, and the finished logo.

Tiny Homes Logo

Tiny Homes Logo Asheville

So that is how I design a logo.  I know most of you will not design your own logo, but if you want to come up with ideas, just start sketching and the ideas will flow. Naturally, being in a relaxed state of mind helps too. 

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