Looking Glass Rock and Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Blue Ridge Parkway, My Life | 0 comments

Check out the photos of Looking Glass Falls and Rock in Brevard County, North Carolina.  From Wikipedia “Looking Glass Rock is a pluton monolith in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. The mountain is located within Pisgah National Forest about 5.5 miles northwest of Brevard and 25 miles southwest of Asheville. Named for the way its granite face reflects the sunshine, it rises from the valley floor to an elevation of almost 4000 ft.” 

It was pretty awe-inspiring to view these locations in person, especially Looking Glass Rock.  Basically it is called a pluton, which is magma that that cooled before it made it to the surface, forming the rock.  I never knew there were volcanos on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but apparently a long time ago!




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