I had to work on project this week that might be useful to others out there.  A client of mine wanted to change the layout of his blog so it had a boxed layout, meaning a picture on top and a bit of text underneath in a grid.  I did a bit of research and found a great plugin that worked pretty seamlessly to get this done, without any coding.  You just install the plugin, configure the number of rows and column you want and paste in a bit of shortcode where you want your posts to be on a page.  Check out the page for my client at http://www.sittmnews.com


The plugin I used is called Content Views and you can get the free version which works just fine for basic layouts or the upgraded paid version where you can layout Pinterest, Facebook Timeline and lots more features.  I especially like the Pinerest and Facebook features for those who use social media quite a bit.  Check out the demo for all the features.  





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