responsive_web_designI was reading this pretty interesting article about the future trends of web design and was somewhat surprised about a few. Innovate or be left behind. Three of the more interesting trends are artificial intelligence interaction on the web, design diversity, and hand drawn art.  

Artificial intelligence.  It looks like Facebook is launching something called Facebook M which is solely based on technology to make suggestions for shopping or problem solving in chat. I am sure there will be some sort of WordPress plugin that will be able to handle this, as well as all the other AI technology services coming out.  🙂

Diversity. Well, basically the need to be unique to your brand, product, service, or just you.  I myself have noticed that so many websites look the same, as well as logos. When I first started design school one of the logos we looked at was the infamous Nike swoosh.  Many people thought that just putting a swoosh on some text would constitute a great logo.  Not. The same goes with the sort of blue/grey/green “corporate” look. Different is the wave of the future.  

Hand drawn art.  I think this is great news for artists.  With so many stock media websites it is possible to see the same art on many websites. Hand drawn art gives an authentic and real vibe and is unique and original.

If you want to read the whole article, you can do so here:

6 Web Design Trends that are here to stay

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