new_beginningsWith 2016 in full swing, I am sure many of you have pondered what  you want to do in this new year.  I have.  I do not really make resolutions anymore, just goals.  So far this year I want to:

  • Learn video editing and get proficient at it to offer to my clients web needs
  • Upgrade my portfolio website design to inform, inspire, and call to action to hire me
  • Schedule in an hour or two each week just for my own personal art, the non digital kind

And I have more…

What are some of your goals?  You can post them on my Facebook page, if you want to share.  It might be fun. 

So far I have taken the appropriate steps, such as taking a class, setting aside weekly time for my website and art.  I do not need instant results so just happy to keep plugging away.

If any of your goals for the year coincide with my skills such as a new website re-design, upgrade, email newsletter campaigns, please feel free to contact me for a free half hour consult to see how we can work together! 


Third Eye Design Studio can give your business a professional and polished image via the webprint materials, and social media. I can also use social media to help sell your products and services online, as well as get the word out.


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