“I just put up my website, why is it not showing in search yet?”   Well, first of all it takes a bit to get traffic going to your website, especially a new one.  It needs to get indexed, and ongoing marketing where content is shared on social media sites is very helpful to get link backs to your site.  

Some things you can do to speed up the process is get your business in Google andBing local business search.  It’s pretty easy, just sign up information about your business and get it confirmed via a postcard in about two weeks.  That way when people search for your type of business it will have a better chance of showing up locally.  

Another way is Adwords.  I helped a client get set up a week ago with local search and Adwords Express.  First I did a keyword search and changed the metatags on the pages to reflect what people would be searching for, and then we did a starting out monthly budget for Adwords, using the keywords I found.  In Adwords, you can see how many people clicked on your ad to get to your website.  Also, make sure you have a good stats program for your website so you can see where your traffic is coming from organically. 

If you need help with any of these services, please feel free to contact me!


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