How many of you actually read reviews of products and services before you actually go out and buy or hire them?  Well, I do, and consider myself a huge geek that way.  For me, I love natural healing so I tend to read all the reviews on a specific herbal remedy I might be interested in using, or the reviews of a local restaurant before trying it.  

If you have ever thought about adding reviews and testimonials to your website, it might be a good time to work that in.  One way to do that is to use one of the many plugins if you have a wordpress website.  I tried out Clean Testimonials and so far I like it.  It has the option of adding submission form for reviews that you can add to your pages.  Once submitted you have to approve the review before it shows up on the page you specified the review to show up.   Another way is to just add a submission form on your website and add the reviews yourself to the pages.  Of course, you can always just sign up for a business Yelp, Google Plus, and LinkedIn account and collect your reviews that way.  

The right reviews can make a difference between a sale and no sale, just like a great referral.  If you need help getting on the different social media sites where you can collect reviews, let me know I can help.  I can also set you up to collect and display on your website, helping you to gain more clients and sales!  

Check out my testimonial page on my site to see the sign up for Clean Testimonials.

Third Eye Design Studio can give your business a professional and polished image via the webprint materials, and social media. I can also use social media to help sell your products and services online, as well as get the word out.


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