If you are using Feedburner.com to offer email subscriptions to your blog and want to add an incentive for people to subscribe, you can offer a free gift just like you can with most email software programs.   Just fyi, you must already know how to set up a feedburner.com account.  

Okay, so you just burned your blog feed, which is great and want to offer a gift for people subscribing.  If you are in the feedburner account, click on over to the folder that says PUBLICIZE.  Next, click on email subscriptions on the left sidebar, then Communications Preferences, and you will see where  you can change the wording of the confirmation email that gets sent after someone subscribes to your blog.  You can add a url after the confirm code with the words “Download your Free Gift Here” .  Then after that, add the url of where your downloadable gift is so people can download.  I have a wordpress site, so I created a page for the gift and used a plugin that allows  you to check whether that page can be added to the navigation bar, I clicked do not add to the navigation bar because I did not want my free gift page showing up on the navigation bar.  

Here is mine, or you can just click on the form on the sidebar on my website.

Does it sound complicated?  It might be if you are not used to doing this sort of stuff or you can hire me to do it for you.  

Here is a screen print.


I also found a really complicated way to do it if you are a programmer and work with code.  I did not use this technique as it looked way too complicated…:)

How to give users a file after they confirm their email in Feedburner


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