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Did you know in the newer versions of wordpress you can automate your blog posts? You can spend a day, or a few hours if that is the time you have and set your posts to go out a few times a week, or even set it up to go out a few times a week over the next month. Blogging is a great way to get your content out there from your website and bring more traffic in. As far as I know, there is not secret strategy to a high ranking and targeted traffic, just good content, and ads if you have the budget for that. So, if you have plenty of content to put out, you do not have to spend your time every other day posting on your blog. Just do it all at once and scatter it out throughout the month. Of course, I talked about automating it to go out to facebook, twitter, and google plus as well. Make things easier for yourself.

Just click the edit button in the “Publish Immediately” option in the blog area and pick a date for when you want it to go out, then press update.  You are then all set to go. 

Here is a cool nature photo, by the way.  This was taken before a storm in Apoxee State Park in West Palm Beach, Florida 



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