I was trying to do some keyword research for my client’s website yesterday and became extremely frustrated when I found out google does not let you access their previously free keyword tool anymore.  You have to set up and pay for an ad before even getting to the page that used to be  fully accessible.  Granted, for an expert whose main job title is SEO I am sure they found a way in and are able to use the new layout easily enough, but I now find google analytics and keyword research next to impossible in google adwords because of it is overly complicated.  I really just wanted to see monthly search volume and get some new ideas, and you can’t even find the tab or it is five tabs in which I will forget once I have to do it again.  So, I spent some time researching alternative sites and found KeywordSpy.com.  I actually really like it since it is much simpler and the free lifetime account is exactly what I needed for my research.  There are paid upgrades but for the website project I was working on, the free account worked just fine.

I also made sure the website did not get any bad reviews or it was a scam.  Most of the time I believe that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is, but I did not find any.  They make their money off of the upgraded accounts and offer a good free service to get you in.  

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