Why you should register your domain and hosting under your own name

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Small Business | 0 comments

photo from freedigitalphotos.netMany of you hire designers or firms such as myself to set up and design your website and social media presence.  I cannot stress enough that you need to get your hosting and domain under your own name, even if you are being billed for it.  Here are a couple of good reasons:

  1.  If you decide to change designers or firms, you are going to have to go through the hassle of getting everything transferred over to you.  If you are in a rush, this could put up some road blocks.
  2. If the relationship between you and your designer goes south, you may never get ownership of your website, if it really goes south.  It’s in their name so officially it is theirs.
  3. All too common scenario is they go AWOL and stop answering your phone calls and emails, basically dropping off the face of the earth.  This means you cannot get into your website to make changes or transfer it to someone else.

As someone who has taken over accounts from other designer, it is pretty annoying when I cannot finish a job because the social media and website accounts are spread out over various emails of people that the business is not in contact with anymore and there is no way to recover the information.  The worse case scenario is you will have to purchase a new domain and hosting in your own name, and start all over again, from the ground up.

Get all your online marketing and website in your own name so it is yours and you own it.  Be a little bit internet savvy and do not let anyone talk you into registering it in their name just to save you time because if they do, they have all the rights to it whether you are the one paying the bill or not.


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