How to automate your social media blog postings

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twitter_faceookThis is my first post in my new category and series “Marketing Online, on a Budget”.  Here you will get the strategies I use to promote online.

Did you know you can automate your blog postings so it goes straight out to twitter and automatically to facebook as well?  You can even have email subscriptions of your blog.   Here is a general outline of how you do it. 

  • Use to burn a feed of your blog rss feed.  
  • Click on the “Socialize” tab and click the “add your twitter account” option.  Once this is complete all of your blog posts from your website will be automatically published to twitter.  But, there is one next step.
  •  Login to your twitter account and click the app for facebook, “Twitter to Facebook”,  so that whenever you post to twitter, it automatically gets pushed out to your facebook page.

Tada…you have just automated your social media postings.  You will still have to post by hand to linkedin and other platforms, but this should definitely cut down on time. 

If you have a wordpress website/blog, publicize does this for you, you just have to set up the accounts.



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