googleI was thinking about that question after reading this short article geared towards creatives like me. Personally I think some advertising does cost too much, especially if you are not getting any leads or business from it. But I think it’s a give and take of offsetting the cost of the advertising versus the business or product sales you will get out of it. If it costs x amount and you get double you spent in sales, well worth it. It is said in print it takes three months of the same ad to get results. My opinion is three to six months is a good time to evaluate whether your advertising dollars are being spent well or to consider a different option. Personally, I like to track my business expenses right next to my income so I can see right away if it is working. My disclaimer is it has taken me a bit to get this organized but it is well worth the extra effort.

As far as design, I think getting a professional web design, social media setup and branding will definitely help business. Unfortunately I also see that it’s the last thing people think of when starting a new business but should probably be closer to the top. I know I immediately head to google when I want to know something, whether it’s to locate driving directions of the place I was going to head to for dinner or to find a service provider to fix the cracked screen on my smartphone and sometimes the websites I see are not so great. I think a professional graphic designer and web designer can help the bottom line by getting a professional image that you can be proud of and be taken seriously. In the long run, that will save you time and money. And, if you believe in the law of attraction, then the better you feel the easier it is to reach your goals, so a designer can help you look great so you feel great.


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