Is it time for a new start, new branding to match your new direction?  I can help. I am currently feeling that urge myself by designing a new logo for Third Eye Design Studio.  I have had the same logo for seven years, so I would say it’s the seven year itch sort of thing.  Next month I work on a new web design for myself, with my new logo, and of course rebrand all my social media accounts.  It’s a process.  

Hint, my new logo really fits me as I am, considering I am a huge science fiction enthusiast and nature lover.  I honestly believe your branding needs to fit you, not what you think other people will like.  Why?  There are so many people with different likes that you are never going to get it right trying to fit into someone else’s image of how you should be, so you might as well just be yourself. I have been told that is one of the things I am good at, “getting you” design wise.  Stayed tuned for the time when I am ready to launch… 

Website Creation and Redesign/Revamping/Responsive/Ecommerce
Social Media Account Setup and Branding, Email Marketing, Website Graphics 
Print Design, Book Covers, E-Books, Graphics

Branding and Logo Design

Happy Spring!!!

This is from one of the many nature walks/hikes I have been taking out in West Palm Beach, Florida.



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