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Ebook cover design, book layout

A Little KnowledgeNow that I have a Kindle, I actually prefer reading my books in an ebook format.  It saves trees, plus it’s super easy to download a book.  With this trend continuing I see a bigger and bigger need to getting the message out via ebooks rather than printed.  Please contact me if you need help getting a cover designed or getting the book in an ebook format.  I have used BookBaby for the conversion to epub and the distribution to the major online retailers such as Amazon Kindle, Itunes, Barnes and Noble…etc.  For a set fee you get all that plus the distribution and get to keep all your royalties.  


Email Marketing Services

Are you missing out on business opportunities because you are not staying in contact?  Let me do the work, at an affordable and fair monthly fee.  Photos are included.

Send me your newsletter copy and I will lay it out in your email program, send it to you for a proof, and schedule it out at the appropriate time.  I realize many of you do this yourself but there are those of you who do not have time, and/or do not like the tech aspect and would rather just hand it off to someone else, like me,  As a designer, I sure can make it look good, plus make sure all your needed information is there.  Contact me for more information!



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